Monday, May 9, 2011

Welcome Troy - AKA ???? Blog Candy

I am the proud mama of a little boy furbaby.  Miss Lily chose her brother on Mother's Day.  We went to an adoption event that was held by Lhasa Happy Homes, click here to see their website.  They rescue small dogs here in the Los Angeles area specializing in Lhasa's.  Miss Lily needed a friend, but she is not good with all dogs so she needed to choose and after much barking and todo with most of the dogs, Miss Lily was an angel with Troy.  So Troy came home with us.  Unfortunately, he does not know his name so well - we think it was chosen by the rescue staff, but we are not sure he looks or acts like a Troy.  What do you think?  If you leave a comment with the name suggestion that we choose to give to our cute little boy I will send you some blue blog candy (it's a surprise and may not all be blue) so start leaving comments.  You have one week until May 15th.  Good luck.



  1. What a cute boy and Lily you are so smart.

    How about,
    Buddy (ok enough with the B)
    Larry (for Lily and Larry)
    Lucky (and you know he is)
    LB (little boy)
    PC (stands for puppy of cuteness)
    Pooka (definitely the colors of a pooka shell)
    Charlotte votes for Prince
    Beemer says Avanti after a car (leave it to him to think of a car).
    You know Maggie says call him dinner so he will always at.
    Baben says oh boy call him Duke (I have no idea why).

    Jorge says George.

    Any name you give him will be wonderful. He is too adorable for words.


  2. Sharon, that is quite a list and has some good choices. Dinner is especially funny, you know Lhasas and how stubborn they can be, but they always come for dinner. LOL

  3. Well Ernie thinks you should change Lily's name to Scarlet and then name him Rhett. Yes we did recently see Gone With the Wind. I'm partial to Jack Jr. though you could name him Jackson or Sam.

  4. Marilyn - I like all those names, we will see. Jack has a name he likes and no one has suggested it yet.

  5. So sad to see Lally pass. Welcome to Miss Lily and Tommy (formerly known as Troy) Hope you and Jack, your cute hubby, welcome them into your happy home.

    With love,