Saturday, November 19, 2011

Heavenly Hound

This months swap with my local group is going to the dogs...  Well actually the theme is animals, but as you know I particularly love dogs so I had to go there.  I rarely color, but I got out my colored pencils and gave it my best shot.  I still struggle with markers, Copic or otherwise so I am sticking with my chalks and pencils.  I think the bling DCWV paper makes everything look good.


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Butterflies Are Free

I was feeling the bling with this card.  It was made much like the Batty Halloween card.  I used a Dreamweavers stencil for the butterfly.  Rebekka recommends using some handmade coconut oil bar soap for this technique.  The soap is sold at Stampin From The Heart or anywhere that sells Dreamweavers products. 

  1. Rub the back of the stencil with the soap, make sure you really cover the stencil well otherwise you will ruin your stencil with this technique.  When the stencil is completely covered with soap take a large soft stencil brush and smooth out the soap and make sure that there are no pieces of soap stuck in the little openings of the stencil. 
  2. Now you put the soap side of the stencil down on a piece of sticky paper cut down to the size of the stencil.  Make sure it is really stuck down - avoid putting your fingers on the sticky tape or sticking the tape to something else. 
  3. For the butterfly I held the sticky paper and stencil upright and poured black glitter just in the center and let if fall like a waterfall.  Next I used purple glitter on both sides of the black, then red, then blue. 
  4. At this point remove the stencil from the sticky paper (the soap allows you to do this, otherwise it would permenately adhere to the sticky) and add the white or clear glitter.
You can use your soaped up brass stencil 3 or 4 times before soaping again so try this, experiment and see what you think.  It is not difficult.


Friday, November 4, 2011

Just Swimming Along

We have been dreaming of a vacation and this card makes me remember our trips to Hawaii, which is not quite as nice as going there, but they are fond memories.  The wavy blue base was made with a Dreamweavers brass stencil, paper with a white core and bleach.  Put the stencil on top of the paper and spray lightly with bleach, carefully remove the stencil and put the paper aside to dry.  Once the paper is dry I pasted the turtle and the Aloha with gold paste.  After the gold paste dried I put the turtle stencil back on the paper and added some Palette pad glue and removed the stencil.  Then I gave it a quick burst from my heat gun and added the varigated gold leaf brushing off the excess with a large paint brush.  Now all I need is a Pina Colada.


Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Friendly Cranes

Here is another card made with a Dreamweavers brass stencil.  The card was designed by Rebekka and made by me.  In this card a very smooth cardstock was sprayed with a mustard colored spray then the stencil itself was sprayed with two darker brown sprays and the stencil was used like a stamp.  The sprayed brass stencil was run through an embossing maching (I used my cuttlebug) which added some texture (the light part of the image is raised slightly).  Warning for those of us who love perfection:  you cannot control this and the color seems to  have a mind of its own and will migrate at will, but if you can accept the serendipity of it you may like the results.  After all it is just a bit of paper, ink and time.