Friday, November 4, 2011

Just Swimming Along

We have been dreaming of a vacation and this card makes me remember our trips to Hawaii, which is not quite as nice as going there, but they are fond memories.  The wavy blue base was made with a Dreamweavers brass stencil, paper with a white core and bleach.  Put the stencil on top of the paper and spray lightly with bleach, carefully remove the stencil and put the paper aside to dry.  Once the paper is dry I pasted the turtle and the Aloha with gold paste.  After the gold paste dried I put the turtle stencil back on the paper and added some Palette pad glue and removed the stencil.  Then I gave it a quick burst from my heat gun and added the varigated gold leaf brushing off the excess with a large paint brush.  Now all I need is a Pina Colada.


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