Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Friendly Cranes

Here is another card made with a Dreamweavers brass stencil.  The card was designed by Rebekka and made by me.  In this card a very smooth cardstock was sprayed with a mustard colored spray then the stencil itself was sprayed with two darker brown sprays and the stencil was used like a stamp.  The sprayed brass stencil was run through an embossing maching (I used my cuttlebug) which added some texture (the light part of the image is raised slightly).  Warning for those of us who love perfection:  you cannot control this and the color seems to  have a mind of its own and will migrate at will, but if you can accept the serendipity of it you may like the results.  After all it is just a bit of paper, ink and time.


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