Thursday, May 19, 2011

Faux Embossing 3

This leaf was actually my second try the day of the class and you can see, I am still struggling with getting enough paint on the stamp.  This was the first background that I sponged and I forced myself to try a bigger variety of colors on the background which a couple of my friends loved, while I tend to prefer more monochromatic color schemes.  Linda was encouraging us to try different things though so I plunged forward.  I struggled with the background stamps and didn't really like the result, but was encouraged when both Bonnie and Marilyn put this card on thier list of favorites.

I added gold ink from a Krylon gold leafing pen on this one and added some flowers at home and the card is growing on me.  This was a good reminder that everyone else does not necessarily like the same things I like, imagine that!


1 comment:

  1. For this card, I think the key is a separate stamp from the message, right? And if that's true, they work so well together! That being said, I think I would prefer this one without the flowers because they cover up the message. Or maybe if they were in another spot. Just my opinion. Susan :)