Monday, May 16, 2011

And the Winner is...TOMMY!

First of all I want to say that I know some comments have been lost.  It seems that Blogger had some problems last week and some of the comments that were made on my posts (with name suggestions for Troy now called Tommy) were lost in cyberspace.  For that matter some of my posts were lost, but I will redo them.  I am not sure if anyone suggested Tommy, someone may have done so and I never saw the comment so I have decided to gather up my blog candy and take a picture of it and post a blog candy giveaway later this week.  So watch for it if you are interested.

I am not sure how Jack decided on Tommy for Troy's new name, but it seems to have stuck.  I thought we should call him Mr. Squeaky because he squeaks every time he wants something, but I suppose that is not very dignified.  Tommy is proving to be quite a good boy.  No accidents in the house, he and Lily get along famously and he is starting to learn some tricks.  As you may know, Lhasa's can be quite stubborn so he needs a little work on coming when he is called, but it is amazing what he will do when he wants to do it.  He is teaching Lily how to play with toys and she is teaching him how to bark at other dogs.  I am not sure it is a fair exchange, but we are working things out.

Thanks to Randee at Lhasa Happy Homes for such a sweet boy.



  1. And isn't he a handsome lad! Congratulations on finding a wonderful home, Tommy, but beware the Craft Room and the might end up with glitter and painted toenails...LOL! Auntie Judy

  2. great pic of your new boy! he is so GORGEOUS!! is he laying at your feet while you create?? *hugs* for adopting a most wonderful family member!