Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bewitched in South Africa

As promised here are the Bewitching sketch cards that were made by the South African ladies.  They tell me that Halloween is not a popular holiday in South Africa so they do not have access to many Halloween themed stamps, but I love their take on the Bewitched theme.  The card above was made by Carol-Anne.  I am not sure how she made those panels, but I think they look great.

The bewitching pink lady was made by Edna.  I love her flower.

Jenny made the card above.  I am bewitched by those eyes.

Lyn made this card with her bewitching fairy.  I love all the shining texture on this card.

Maire went Asian with her card.  Isn't it great?

This card was made by Marj who just recently lost her battle with cancer.  She will be missed.  I think she did a great job with this card even without using traditional Halloween images she has captured the spirit.

This card was made by Nicky.  Great texture and definitely makes me think Halloween. 

There are more cards from South Africa.  They have a bigger group so watch for next batch.


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