Saturday, July 2, 2011

Embossing 4 - Brass Stencils and Shimmer Sprays

So this embossing technique was not done with an embossing folder, but with a brass stencil from Dreamweavers.  To emboss using a stencil, be sure to put the stencil face down on the most solid flat plate for your machine (this is so that you do not bend your stencil which would ruin it), then put your lightly misted (with water or alcohol) cardstock, next comes a rubber mat, then another plate or two and/or shims (it varies depending on your machine) and run it through your machine. 

A gold shimmery spray was sprayed on the cardstock after it was embossed and then green ink was sponged on horizontally and vertically in a failed attempt to get a linen look.  The thanks was added with black mat paste onto vellum using another Dreamweaver stencil.  This card was inspired by Rebekka, but I just could not be a good soldier and follow her directions, instead I did my own thing which did not turn out nearly as well as Rebekka's, but I like it anyway.


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