Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Glittery Goodness

Another Dreamweavers stencil - this time using my favorite glitter technique.  I may have described it before, but just in case here we go again.  You rub bar soap (Dreamweavers recommends a coconut soap that they sell and I concur) liberally over the back of the brass stencil, then take a large soft stencil brush and even out the soap bits (be sure to elimiate any large pieces of soap on the stencil or in the nooks and crannies of the design) then put the soap side down on the sticky side of some sticky paper or double sided tape that has been cut to the size of the stencil.  At this point you can just pour the green glitter over the top (or as I did here you can carefully put the yellow glitter over the star and tap off, then the brown glitter for the base and tap off and then the green over the rest and tap off).  Next carefully remove the tape (or sticky paper) from the stencil and dip the whole thing in white glitter.  Voila! You will have a wonderful glittery image which you can mount on your project.  As a side note the Happy Holidays was done with a stencil and green paste.

Give it a try it is so easy.


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