Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ray Bradbury Swap

I signed up for an unusual (to me) swap with my online crafty group.  The leader of the group is a BIG Ray Bradbury fan and after hearing of his recent passing she just had to propose a swap using him as inspiration.  I confess to being mostly unfamiliar with Mr. Bradbury's work, but I needed something to get my creative juices flowing so decided why not.  I knew that he wrote "The Martian Chronicles" and saw these little guys that looked like all the other Martian's that I know and decided to go with them (the stamps are made by Close To My Heart).  As a bonus it gave me a chance to try, once again, to get the hang of shading with Copic markers, I know I still need more practice, but hang in with me and if I live long enough I may just catch on.  I made the background paper from a list of Mr. Bradbury's work which I found on his website.  I hope my online ladies see Martian's too or I may get some raised eyebrows with this one.


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