Thursday, March 31, 2011

More Pages for Round Robin Book

Here are the great pages that members of my local stamp club created for my book using my first page (see yesterday's blog) as inspiration.  I think that everyone did a fantastic job and I am very pleased with my book so far.  What do you think of the pages that they created for my book?

We have a sister stamp club group in South Africa and they are working on pages for our books as we work on pages for their books.  I will post the South African ladies contributions when I receive them.


1 comment:

  1. Very nice! I really like the subtlety of the lotus flowers on the Chinese vase. Ase well, the Unicorn and arbor suggest a secret garden where all things magical might happen. And the bird (robin, I think) on that card assures us that Spring will be here and magic will happen.
    The flowers on the masks are an unusual interpretation, but they fit in the theme of glimmer - for usually flowers on a face are glittery. Lovely book. I'm interested to see what comes from your sister club. Good jobs all around!